Liquid Glass Product FAQ's

Nerves, Curves + Concerns

I'm excited, but nervous! What if I'm not sexy??

95% of our clients have told us that they are nervous and don't see themselves as sexy. As moms, wives, and regular, everyday women ourselves, we get it. Our job is to make you comfortable and the entire experience we provide from our skilled makeup artists to the studio backdrop to how we work with you and pose you will bring that sexy side out. You will be amazed. You might look at the ladies in our GALLERY and think they always look like that and were completely confident and not the least bit nervous, but that is totally false. They are everyday women just like you. We are honored to have the opportunity to photograph women of ALL shapes, sizes and ages, from all walks of life. Finding the unique thing that makes you most beautiful is the BEST part of our job. ... And there's champange!

Will you show me what to do?

100% YES!! Don't worry about not knowing how to be sexy, how to pose or what to do in general. We will be coaching you, directing you and posing you the ENTIRE time from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. In fact, we don't take the shot until you are right where we want you. We've got you -- and you've GOT THIS!

What if I want to lose a few pounds or have some body issues?

If you think the women on our site look like models (our clients will be so happy to hear that!)....that means we're great at what we do! Our clients are regular women...wives, mothers, new brides and business women - with the same issues we all deal with! We understand the desire to look absolutely stunning for your photographs, and we know all the tricks to hide the things you want to downplay as well as how to highlight your best features. We will pose, light, and style you to flatter YOUR figure and celebrate who YOU are so that retouching is a matter of removing the distractions and smoothing skin – not to mold and change you into what our culture is teaching us ladies we need to be. The bottom line is you don't need to worry about looking a certain way or losing weight. It's our job to make you look spectacular...and we know exactly how to do it.

Do you photograph curvy girls like me?

We can't believe this is a question (still, we get asked this quite a bit). Boudoir is for ALL women! Sexy is perceived. It is a feeling. It is exuded. It is confidence. There is no one physical representation of sexy. Yes, YOU are sexier than you know! Please trust us to bring it out of you. Rest assured you will LOVE your photographs and your entire experience! We have worked with many curvy women of various shapes and sizes -- all who walked away feeling and looking beautiful, empowered and sexy….and you will too! If you need a little extra boost, you have additional questions or need some extra reassurance that you can do this (and you can), be sure to book a boudoir consult appointment. You can come into the studio, see our smiling faces and photographs of women just like you.

Do you photograph women my age?

Some women close their minds to the possibilities of sexy portraiture when they reach a certain age that they feel is 'too old' for boudoir. There is no such thing! All women want to feel attractive and 'like a woman.' Don't give up on yourself -- you are still the total package and deserve to have this experience! If you have a significant other, they still see you (and WANT to see you) this way. Maybe they need a reminder. :) In boudoir there are no rules as to what you have to wear, how you have to be, or what sexy even is. Let's collaborate and create a dream shoot for you where you dictate what a sexy you is at this particular point in time. And if you don't know -- we'll figure it out together.

Will my session be private?

Absolutely! All of the windows on the main floor of the studio are opaque and you cannot see in or out. Only your photographer and the makeup artist will be in the studio at the same time as you. Exceptions to this would be in the rare instance that a session overlaps with another client or in cases of mini sessions, marathons, and boudoir parties when the sessions are back to back. As soon as the makeup artist leaves, the front door is locked to prevent any friendly delivery people -- or anyone else -- from walking into the studio during the session.

Will you use my photos?

We're proud of our work and we feel that all things surrounding the boudoir experience we provide are postivite ones. The vast majority of our clients are thrilled when we choose to use their photographs, but we definitely understand that there are some circumstances in which people do not want their images used, and we are always happy to honor those requests. Whatever you decide, we've found that having you fill out our Use of Photographs online form is the best way for us to manage your request. Please understand if the form is not completed before the session or during the initial proofing period, as copyright owners of the images and per your acceptance of our Terms & Conditions with your booking, your images may be used for promotional purposes. Please click HERE to complete our Use of Photographs form.

Can I visit the studio, meet you, and talk about my session?

ABSOLUTELY! We would LOVE to meet you and show you around our gorgeous studio,, answer any questions, and even help you determine the right package for you. We call this a complimentary consultation. You can schedule one here!

How sexy is sexy?

Well, that's up to you, and we'll talk about that to determine what you are wanting before we start your session. Know that we respect your boundaries. Your time with us is all about you -- what you are comfortable with and what you want out of your session. You will never feel any pressure to reveal more than you want to, but keep in mind that you might change your mind once you're feeling at ease in the studio. We do, however, like to keep our photographs beautiful and classy, and prefer "implied nudity" or the illusion of nudity -- we won't ever expose any lower lady bits. A few side profile and/or frontal topless shots may be done upon request.